Sans Souci
Brief History in Time: Born in Springfield Ill. to unknown parents and adopted at birth by Betty and Edward Brinkmeyer who a year later also adopted my sister Gail. My first year was spent in Wheaton Ill. a western suburb of Chicago, then off to Santa Monica Ca. until eleven. We then moved back east to Wheaton which was a great place to grow (long story). At nineteen I moved to New Mexico for a couple of (very fun) years, then back to Chicago again for a bit (3+ years) then off to Colorado (Denver and Winter Park). Chicago again for a couple of years then a planned landing in Portland Oregon where I have prospered ever more (40+ years). . .
I cannot remember a time where art wasn’t in my life. I meditate daily and when I am working I am in the same flow, that state where I do not seem to be present, my attention is fixed and what is present is something that exists beyond my day to day world, quiet, at ease, focused and adsorbed in the moment.

I do not have a fine arts degree and have had little formal art education. Over the years I have attended a few courses here and there as time permitted. I have spent the majority of my professional career as an engineering application developer while finding time to pursue art after working full time. As of this date I have been retired for a couple of years and I am now in the process of recharging my artistic life.

I create what I do because the images speak to my core spirit. Early on I was very much inspired by Joseph Campbell’s writings and the Power of Myth series. Equally as inspirational were the work of the surrealists, Dali, Magritte, Ernst and others and I have a great affinity with the early symbolic painters who believed that art should reflect an idea or emotion that represented an absolute truth that could only be described indirectly.
I also love North West Indian mythology, symbolism and design elements (I am a great Emily Carr fan). I am also heavily influenced by Asian art, architecture and mythology. One of my last works was an exploration of combining Japanese woodblock design and simplicity with my acrylic work. I am currently working on several larger acrylic paintings incorporating NW Indian themes, totem animals and pole designs.
When I have been asked in the past to describe my thoughts on a particular work, I have found this difficult to do. I often do not have an idea that I can really express verbally and I believe an art work will mean different things to different people I am content to have anyone viewing my art determine what it means and I hope that I am able to touch or spark something meaningful.

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